Welcome to Gro DAO community forum

Gro DAO community forum :speaking_head:

Welcome to the GRO DAO community forum! :wave:

This is a place for all DAO governance matters to be proposed and discussed within the community.

Once proposals are up, they can be moved to the Gro Snapshot page for on-chain gasless voting.

You can also drop into the Gro discord for a more informal chat in the channel #:ballot_box:-gro-dao-governance

More about Gro DAO :purple_heart:

Gro DAO is the community behind Gro protocol.

It welcomes any Gro users, and to become a member of the DAO you need to obtain xGRO (planned to be replaced with GRO) via an airdrop or an early allocation.

For more information look in Gro discord, twitter, docs or the app.

So welcome, look around, and please feel free to get involved with community governance :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: