Vote 23: Risk Pod Vote (Take Two!)

Risk Pod Facilitator Vote (Take Two)
Below is a draft vote for the DAO that will be discussed here on the forum for 2 days (shorter than usual as it has already been through exhaustive discussions in both calls and various posts). After questions have been clarified, it will be raised for a vote on

This reattempts (see previous attempt here) to establish a Pod that deals with risk aspects of Gro DAO and its product(s). Two proposals are being put forward by four different facilitator candidates. These proposals vary in scope, structure, and budget so please read them carefully. If a facilitator(s) is elected, then they will be empowered to act within the remit and budget they have requested from the DAO. If the proposals are rejected, further discussions will be held in the forum/Discord to refine the proposals of existing candidates, and search for additional candidates.

As part of Gro DAO’s podification, DAO members have proposed contributing to risk, as well as treasury and strategy work streams (through drafted proposals both on Discord and in the forum). Between November 23 and November 28, three formal proposals were made for the establishment of a risk pod, however, a majority of members rejected these proposals for the following reasons:

  • Lack of focus on operational risks and existing work
  • Hefty budgets requests
  • Varying time/duration commitments leading to a lack of standardisation among proposals

Accordingly, the RFP was revised, leading to the following amended proposals:

Candidates & Proposals
Proposal 1: Rex’s Risk Pod Proposal (click for details)

  • Description: 1 part-time contributor, focusing strictly on operational and security risks.
  • Budget: $60k + 80k GRO
  • Duration: 6 months

Proposal 2: Bernard, Pavel and Exa’s joint Risk, Strategy and Finance Pod Proposal (click for details)

  • Description: 3 part-time contributors (sharing the facilitator role), combining multiple aspects of risk, finance/treasury strategy, and business strategy.
  • Budget: $110k + 120k GRO
  • Duration: 6 months

Next Steps
This vote will run for 5 days and members can rank their candidates by order of preference.


@Bernard @pavel @exa256.eth @Rex_DeFiSafety let me know if you are happy with the one-liner descriptions under each of your proposal summaries. If not, please let me know how you would like to tweak them. :slight_smile:

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Good for me. No additional comments.

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