Unable to stake

Hi Newb here
Using argent wallet and unable to stake Vault tokens in single VLT pool, pre-authorisation gets a big tick but then spinning circles for staking.
Used different browsers and hard refresh without success,
Any help gratefully received

Hey Chagsy! Welcome to Gro!

Are you using Argent zkSync or Argent on ETH layer 1?

Hi Joyce,
Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my question:
Ah, I guess that is probably the problem!
I was using ETH layer 1
Having just re-read the update from Argent it is zksync.
So presumably if I t/f my VLT from ETH to zxsync and try again that should work?
Much to learn…

Hi again
There does not seem to be a mechanism to stake via zksync. I can invest in Gro Vault and receive my VLT tokens, but no option in zksync to connect to your Dapp.
In Argent ETH vault I can attempt to stake, have successfully pre-authorised but then can’t stake.
disconnecting Dapp, incognito window, reconnecting and attempting to stake just results in an error message.
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance

Hi chagsy, welcome to the community.

Staking for Vault isn’t available in Argent’s zksync (or zksync in general). zksync doesn’t have smart contracts yet and current the way that Argent allows investments into some products is through the concept of DeFi pooling: DeFi Pooling. Bringing Scalability to Existing L1… | by StarkWare | StarkWare | Medium

If you’d like to stake Vault you will have to use an Eth L1 wallet (like Metamask). But the gas fees will be much more significant

Ys; Basically GVT staking is not available in Argent neither in L1 Eth, nor zksync at the moment. It is possible though. According to their smart contract structure, I think Gro need to either create a relayer; or Argent need to integrate the staking function in their application by enabling the “execute” function natively in their mobile app.

Thanks @Slacking and @chriswong for your replies.
I have repeatedly contacted Argent to see if it is possible to access Gro liquidity pools via Argent ETH1. So far, so bad
If Argent offer Gro Vault as an option, it is nonsensical to not have the option to stake the VLT tokens. There are better options out there.
I am no expert in this sphere, but for newcomers like myself, it needs to be easier to maximise returns - otherwise there are a million and one other options out there.
I will continue with “Argent help”, but if no success, will transfer VLT tokens to Metamask and access pools through that wallet instead. I have enough to make that worthwhile, but still tedious and painful.

apologies for incorrect terminology… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @chagsy unfortunately as others have mentioned, there is no way to use zkSync with our dApp right now. You can continue to earn Yield on Gro Vault and you can intereact with the dApp on Ethereum Layer 1 (either via Argent or another wallet like metamask).

We are looking into building a native L2 solution this year, and will be sure to keep you updated as we do :purple_heart:

HI Charlie
I was mostly trying to connect from my Argent vault (ETH1) to your dApp. It is easy to stake in Gro Vault via zksync. But then the GVT tokens are stuck in zxsync and cant be staked into a pool. So I t/f into the ETH1 Argent vault to stake in your Vault Pool
It didn’t work. I tried multiple fixes as suggested by Argent help, as itemised in previous posts, but still unable to stake.

I have now transferred holdings from Argent and staked via Metamask, which obviously incurred a number of gas fees.
I have no major complaint with this, Argent have only advertised access to Gro Vault, not the capacity to stake in the Single Vault pool. It would be great if this was possible for you and Argent to fix. Curiously, no one from Argent help was aware of how to resolve this issue.

For a noob like me, it is challenging to negotiate the numerous steps to access the best options: wallets, protocols, chains, pools, and the various combinations thereof.
This, I expect, but not being able to access decent advice as to a) whether something is possible or b) if it is, how to resolve it, is frustrating.

Despite all of that, I can see the advantages offered by Gro and am looking forward to getting involved with Labs next week.

Kind regards
(also Charlie)/chagsy

PS I imagine you don’t get many long hand replies like this!

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Hey Chagsy / Charlie

Sorry for the slow response on this. Have you checked out the new version of the dApp recently?

We’ve been working to simplify the journey for new users from depositing funds through to staking.

Give it a go and let us know what you think! Very happy with another long reply :wink: