RFC - Gro Network Podcast Series Test Run

RFC: Gro Network Series Test Run
Funds Requested: 3500 USDC
Authors: MissHomie
Contributors: Deborah, mrrpiusz, more TBD
Date: July 30, 2023


This proposal seeks approval from Gro DAO to fund the Gro Network Series. The Gro Network Series is an initiative by GroDAO to make Web3 more accessible through marketing, podcasts, and other forms of edutainment. The initial phase of this initiative will involve recording a series of Twitter Spaces episodes that will be published as a podcast on PodBean.Voting Options:
The DAO has the following voting options:

  • FOR: in favor of the proposal
  • AGAINST: against the proposal
  • ABSTAIN: no opinion on the proposal


Gro Protocol has previously engaged in podcasts and outreach activities to inform members about Gro. However, after the UST incident, engagement and outreach have decreased. The People Pod has played a significant role in the progress and resurgence of Gro DAO, and the Gro Network is not intended to replace it. Instead, the Gro Network will focus on education and gaining traction in the web3 space through podcasts, YouTube, and web3 media apps. Establishing a specialized network for the podcast series will decentralize accountability and responsibilities within Gro DAO, fostering partnerships, proper education, and transparency in the web3 space.


  • The Gro Network Series will provide a platform to promote Gro Protocol and Gro DAO.
  • The episodes can foster relationships with other protocols for future projects.
  • Sponsorships from the network series can bring additional funding to the GroDAO treasury.


  • The success of the network will depend on its contributors.
  • There is a possibility of limited support, but the demand for podcast consumption in Web3 has been demonstrated by existing podcasts.


  • Establish the Gro Network PodBean account for podcasts.
  • Form a team of A/V, research, and production contributors for episode recording.
  • Invite guests for the episodes.
  • Produce 10 Twitter Spaces episodes that will be recorded as a podcast and potentially uploaded to YouTube.

#budget and Compensation:

  • 3500 USDC on Polygon with minimal Gas
  • 10 episodes to complete and load to a PodBean station.
  • The proposed budget allocation:
    • 75 USDC for the host
    • 75 USDC for design
    • 100 USDC for research/production
    • 100 USDC for audio/video

What do you think?


Poll for comments and consensus: July 30 - Aug 6
Potential Approval and or Snapshot afterwards.

  • Support
  • Reject
  • Abstain
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So would this team be the ones speaking on the podcast, talking about all things Gro DAO?

Ideally there would be a few different hosts, some being people pod members, some going through a process that can utilize other pods for a quick approval. I.e someone who’s got a moderate amount of understanding regarding Gro DAO, so they don’t look silly on stage. So perhaps an OG, a ProG, or a pod member would fit here

ok so the hosts wouldn’t necessarily be one of the people you propose to run the Gro Network Series, I assume?

Correct. It is run by a team effort. Host is part of the team process.

Good proposal, it’s coold idea to educate more people about gro. Of course: for.
Only one question, who will be part of podcast’s team. Looks like you will be host and who will lead design, research and else?

Not necessarily!

I am looking for a more producer role.

I have a friend @EurekaJohn , who is pretty professional with audio, does amazing work!

Marketing, i believe has work being done with some OGs, but the door is open for folks who are interested, if you are interested.


Okay, got it! Thanks for explanation.

Few more questions from me:

  1. Why Podbean as opposed to other platforms like Spotify?
  2. If they will be recorded as Twitter Spaces (presumably on Twitter), what is the benefit of using Podbean (or other platform) as well?
  3. How and why would the network series receive sponsorships?
  4. Would the focus of these episodes be on general web3 topics or Gro DAO related topics or both? We should accordingly decide on the best platform. IMO, podcasts are better for more general topics, while Twitter Spaces and youtube videos from the Gro DAO accounts are better for Gro related topics. WDYT?
  5. https://www.notion.so/grodao/Gro-DAO-OKR-Guide-13c7180dd50f47ac967767d3b19858e7 have a read of this to better structure the OKRs :slight_smile:
  6. If the recording will happen on twitter, what will the video team be for?

also in terms of reach, do you think it would be more useful to be a guest on an existing podcast series or start our own?

Podbean gives you more options to grow the podcast, website (that can be connected to the Gro site for org purposes, better analytics, and Spotify integration :slight_smile: )

So the idea here is to use the recordings as podcast episodes. You’d still need a platform to post, if you’re setting up a podcast series.

So sponsorships would be kind of funny due to the fact that there is a product here for the DAO but you could use the sponsorships as a form of future investment into the DAO, and further partnerships to Grow, future products.

Both, but one is going to connect to the other. Goal
Is to make web3 accessible for the DAO, so you’d want to show through each topic now Gro is making it accessible.

Hehe, will read again.

So we might be sticking too close to the idea of A/V. It’s a general term to cover all aspects of media production. A better term here would be “media”
Versus audio video.

As well, the records may not all be on Twitter. They could be using just regular recording a la zen caster, otter.ai, stream yard

A network series to help push the mission is a natural fit. As well, you’re better able to control the narrative while celebrating the collaborative nature of web3. Versus being as the mercy (it’s usually not mercy but work with me here) of a different network.!

2) do you think the nature of a twitter space vs a podcast are the same though?
3) why would people want to sponsor the podcast, what benefit would they get?

It could be due to the nature or the content in the episode. (Panels tend to work well)

Podcast is just as much a promotion engine as it is an information and education space.

Marketing exposure, partnership opportunities to expand their reach while we expand our reach, a new audience (if augmented with similar missions)

Hello Fren,

Have few questions in mind, should as well go ahead and ask

  • How do we track growth in terms of new audience, number of listeners, and successful Twitter Spaces (assuming there is a target)? how do we gauge the growth of audience and track the success of your initiatives. I think regularly monitoring these metrics will help us understand the effectiveness of your strategies.
  • Using a 100% guage which is yor series prioritising Education or Growth?
  • How will you handle transparency of these report?
  • Will you involve the People Pod for guidance and alignment with the DAO’s priorities? (we are educating correct but are we aligning to what the DAO wants or what the DAO wants to prioritize moving forward)
  • What is the timeline, the series how long would you be able to release these results (10)? I think some sort of deadline is good.
  • If content is repeated across multiple platforms without variation, wouldn’t it be considered boring? Should we stick to one platform or create unique content for each platform? While cross-platform promotion is essential to reach a broader audience, we agree that presenting the same content without any variation could lead to boredom. I think best to stick to 1 platform (either have sessions for podcast series, and a different session for twitter space and something unique for youtube)
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You can track by engagement of the GroDAO twitter, but the upload to podbean can be used for analytics.

You can do both, you can do 50 50 education and growth, and you can gro by showing that you can educate others on web3, defi, and Gro.

A regular weekly report either to Notion, to the forum, to discord, or any combination do the three

That is the plan, yet this is also a way to alleviate some of the tasks of people pod in order for the pod to focus on engagement, community, and discord/Notion etc etc management.

That is a part of the idea. You can single out topics for different aspects of YouTube, podbean, etc

We could start with a podcast as well; instead of both.

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The plan would be 10 episodes over 30 weeks (1 ep every 3 weeks)

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Follow up on this:

You have to consider the idea of reach. It’s not whether a topic is boring, it’s whether the topic has reached all of the audiences it could reach.

People feel like Gro is dying. Clearly it is not. But we have to make it feel like it’s coming alive again and there’s still a reason to consider the community and the protocol.

1 long form episode on Twitter, might not reach everyone. The Twitter space I believe had 5 or 6 listeners right? That could have been recorded, and uploaded to YouTube, to reach subscribers who were unable to attend the spaces or don’t have twitter (that number is growing)

You can post to Instagram, anywhere, to expand your reach.

That could have also been added to lens, blue sky, podbean, anywhere to have engagement and potentially encourage folks to come to Gro to learn more (which I hope is another goal)

1 long form recording could highlight important definitions, important points, comments, questions, that people can listen to and be like “brilliant! I learned that because of a Gro network episode!”

Audiograms could be used to post for weeks worth of content.

An episode can be posted on whatever network for minting as an NFT, to do what? Grow more interest, and grow revenue for the DAO (aka diversification which is a very good idea)

So no, I wouldn’t say it’s boring, it’s a way to engage people because you are thinking outside of the box and expanding your reach

@raambo i believe you had a similar question around there as well.

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Hi @raambo I wanted to chime in at the A/V Producer and clarify what Podbean is. Podbean is a podcast distribution platform. It differs from Sptify in that Podbean is a central location for a podcaster to upload and have the show distributed on all major podcasting platforms. This includes Spotify. Spotify is the platform for the end user to listen. While you can submit your manually made RSS feed to Spotify, it is far easier to create the RSS feed using Podbean and have it automaticlaly distributed out on Spotify, Apple, Google, AnchorFM, Amazon, etc… It also allwos the user to embed the Podbean player and it gives the podcaster a URL to build a website around or link/embed in another website. Doing all of this stuff manually is extremely time consuming and has a higher level of difficulty. There are other distribution platforms like Sounder, Anchor, Castos, etc… But we have used Podbean for several BanklessDAO shows, including Crypto Sapiens, and it has served us well.


I’m organizing and hosting a podcast for our company, and I should say: it is pretty damn hard.
The effort in advance, the knowledge you have to gain each time before a guest comes to the show, the editting, the publishing, the continues marketing and in the end only a handfull of people will listen."

Honestly, this is money not well spend because there are so many others. If this is a marketing act, I would advice to try other more radical ways of marketing.

Did someone tried setting up a Mastadon server?