[Proposal] Retroactive Disbursement for ETHDenver podcast interview

I interviewed Joyce at EthDenver and published it on my podcast here

This puts GRO in front of a new audience of people with crypto funds from playing the mobile game Coin Hunt World. Additionally, it will be many of their first time moving onto L2 – zksync with Argent wallet.

My podcast is focused around education as I hope you can see from the show notes. I work hard to provide quality audio content and glad Joyce and I were able to connect.

The interview lasted an hour plus 2 hours of editing and mastering audio.

I am requesting $300, to be paid 50% in GRO tokens and 50% in DAI.

My ENS is iSpeakNerd.eth


Hey @iSpeakNerd.eth thanks for putting this together and the opportunity to share more about Gro! It was definitely a great chat and very excited for Gro to get to a new audience :purple_heart:

We’ve passed a Q1 marketing budget earlier (vote 007) that can cover this rather than waiting for Gro Grants to get set up - I’ll go ahead putting that into the process and ping you once it’s done!