People Pod - Monthly Update (February)

On Nov 13, 2022, the DAO approved the inception of the People Pod along with its facilitator (Raambo) - with the aim of harnessing the collective power of the community by coordinating the DAO as well as facilitating contributor onboarding, performance management, and governance processes. The People Pod (multi-sig address 0x66C3…3Fb3) then officially commenced operations on Jan 16, 2023. Over a month has flown by since the inception of the People Pod, so here is a high-level update on its exciting journey so far!

Pod Structure

  • Currently, the pod consists of Raambo as Pod Facilitator; and Kndlexi, Beckley and Graadient as part-time Contributors (see updated Gro DAO Org Chart)
  • However, with the refreshed OG Programme about to kick off, the People Pod will soon be working closely with additional contributors in efforts to scale and further decentralise operations organically

Scoping of Priorities

  • Conducted interviews and surveys with current Gro DAO OGs and Pod Contributors to understand existing pain points and observations regarding the DAO - in order to inform the scope of the People Pod’s priorities

Pod Set up

  • Assisted with new pod (FiRSt Pod and Panda Pod) set-up and operations
  • Implemented a decentralised performance management system for all pods, using Coordinape

Communications & Cadence

  • Set up and facilitated weekly cross-pod alignment meetings to account for the recent expansion of the DAO’s core units, and accordingly align and discuss any ongoing blockers that may exist at a cross-pod level
  • Set up and facilitated more frequent community calls with the wider DAO to provide updates and more transparency on ongoing work
  • Commenced Notion set up for Gro DAO, the People Pod and First Pod to increase the community’s access to information channels and documentation
  • Managed the Gro Discord; and conducted a revamp of its channels, roles and permissions.
  • Managed the Gro Twitter account

Objectives & Key Results (OKR) Setting

OG Programme Refresh

  • Launched the refreshed OG Programme (which received over 50 applications!) to incentivise existing community members to provide further support on community engagement, education, research, marketing, growth and governance-related tasks
  • Results will be announced next week :slight_smile:


  • Drafted proposals and facilitated the governance process for the recent Panda Pod vote

  • Conducted research on Governor Bravo as the DAO plans to move towards more autonomous and on-chain governance in the near future; and on how to improve the current governance system processes


  • Had conversations with various vendors and protocols regarding collaboration opportunities

Drop any questions you may have below!

The People Pod


Massive progress over a short period. Impressive!