Open for application: People Pod facilitator role

As highlighted in the “Get involved in Gro DAO’s new collaboration structure!” post, Gro DAO is looking for a People Pod facilitator among other roles. This post aims to provide more details about the role and the selection process as we have more than 1 person indicating their interest in the original post –– if you’re interested in this role, you will have until Sunday 6th of November to throw your hat in the ring!


Gro DAO is looking for a People Pod facilitator to help coordinate Gro DAO in making decisions and contributing to the growth of the DAO and its mission of helping people get more from DeFi. This is a critical role in taking the DAO to the next level of decentralisation and scaling the Gro community.

This is expected to be a full time role of ~40 hours per week. The ideal contributor will have experience contributing to DAO governance and discussions, being an active voting participant and have views on how to best set up an efficient, productive and decentralised organisation.

An understanding of legal and regulatory implications of different DAO structures would be helpful, or if not then a willingness to learn.

Gro DAO is well funded, and a compensation in the range of $100,000 – $160,000 per year (full time) is available to the right contributor in both USDC and GRO, subject to the DAO’s approval to establish the pod and its budget. Additional compensation via vesting GRO tokens for long-term alignment is also available.

Owing to the setup required for the People Pod to function as part of other pods’ operational wallet multi-sig, there should be at least 3 contributors in this pod including the facilitator. There is also sufficient headroom to fund additional contributors to help with day-to-day tasks from Gro DAO treasury. The facilitator is expected to request for such a budget for DAO governance to approve.

Specific responsibilities


  • Interface with governance for establishing the People pod and propose any changes to its mandate, goals, and renew budget every 6 months
  • Make day-to-day decisions to help the People pod meet performance goals
  • Deploy the DAO-approved budget in ways you see fit – including hiring new contributors, changing incentive structure, or exploring new opportunities e.g., developing a new product
  • Provide regular status updates to the DAO every 3 months at a level of details you propose to the DAO at the creation of People pod
  • Lead cross-functional projects to further protocol and DAO decentralisation such as working with DAO to set up an emergency multi-sig, committees and pods
  • Write community forum posts and governance votes, and create templates and processes to encourage more DAO members to contribute in this area
  • Act as the interface between Gro DAO committees (e.g. treasury committee and emergency multi-sig) and DAO governance
  • Develop frameworks to build new capabilities for Gro DAO through a combination of creating new pods / committees, structuring budgeting process and incentives, and working with ecosystem partners through DAO-to-DAO partnership or bounties or grants
  • Stay up to date with the latest developments in regulatory and legal thinking around DAOs


  • Assess DAO member contribution (regardless of whether they belong in a pod or not)
  • Act as one of the multi-sig signers for other pods’ operational wallet, specifically to gauge whether a particular pod’s members are delivering on its mandate
  • Benchmark compensation to assist other pod facilitators to hire and retain talents
  • Research compensation policy of other DAOs; propose policy adjustments based on existing arrangements with individual contributors and the desired end state
  • Onboard new contributors to Gro DAO and refine options for real world payouts and employers of record


All applicants should write a new application and reply to this forum post on or before Sunday 6th of November. You may re-use materials already shared in the original decentralised org forum post. The application may be anonymised, but applicants should be willing to dox themselves for other key contributors.

The application should contain the following:

  • Introduce yourself!
  • Motivation – why do you want to be a People Pod facilitator?
  • Competencies & experience – why do you believe you’d be a good fit?
  • What do you want the People Pod to deliver over the next 6 months?
  • What budget do you propose for the People Pod for the first 6 months?

You can reply through any format – whether it’s a short video, a long essay, or anything in-between. Once you’re done, don’t forget to share that with fellow community members on Discord!

Please reply to this post latest by Sunday 6th of November. A DAO vote will start on Monday 7th of November for 7 days where candidates who submit an application will be put forward in the vote.

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I see this opportunity as a way to contribute my part to an exciting new tech in the Crypto economy. Having been an active user of the protocol, Investor and also an active participant in different DAO activities, as well as my extensive prior experience in Finance, IT, and Management. I consider myself to be a suitable candidate for this role.


Experience at Gro DAO

  • Gro OG member for more than a year where I have contributed my part through suggestions, deliberations and proposals for the progress of the protocol
  • Was part of the first 3 community members to have a video call with the core team on ways to coordinate G-force activities
  • Member of the First G-force epoch, an MVP and a great contributor to subsequent epochs
  • Launched #Didyouknow series about the Gro protocol where I released constant daily Unique features about the protocol to educate new users about Gro’s simplicity and ease of use.
  • Made constant suggestions to facilitate the speedy integration of the Gro dapp into the Coinbase wallet and some other DeFi wallets To make Gro protocol more accessible to every crypto User.
  • Drafted and proposed the development of a general model to mitigate the risk of the protocol for the risk department while also suggesting that a risk sub-DAO should be established to tackle such issues more judiciously.
  • Created Various High-quality Videos showing the various qualities about the protocol.
  • Made different high detailed infographics, articles and memes to show different unique aspects of the protocol

Experience prior to Gro DAO

  • Brainstorm, research and analyze topics for business and brand development while expanding international reach through online newsletters to over 40 countries at Alpha sharks
  • Recorded and analysed trading data for tracking profitability and strategic adaptation for Dextools ( DeFi tool for monitoring market movement)
  • Collaborated with different departments to create social media copy and imagery while responding to serious inquiries and comments within 12 hours for Bgogo exchange platform
  • Worked closely with the Reserve rights team to represent the voice of the community to generate and amplify new blog post ideas.

What do I want the people pod to deliver over the next 6 months

The following describes my commitment and actions as the People pod Facilitator for the next 6 months which will be focused on efficiency i.e Results oriented approach;

Serve as a point of contact between the Governance, community, and other facilitators to ensure proper coverage by our pod.

  • Represent the pod in community calls.
  • Work with the community and act as a triage point to collate new community requests and share awareness with the team.
  • Continue to be active on different Gro platforms as an easily reachable point of contact.

Remove workload from other pods to enable them to focus on the tasks they have committed to deliver.

  • Facilitate goal planning sessions, team meetings, and help with tasks.
  • Communicate expectations for all ongoing tasks in/outside of the team.
  • Maintain the pod budget, accounting and overhead management.

Maintain planning documentation detailing accomplishments, current work, planned work and upcoming targets to ensure line of sight, clarity, and transparency.

  • Document quarterly objectives and key results to help steer planning and prioritization.
  • Maintain an active team backlog of tasks detailing team progress.

Adjust the team as needed to deliver on the mandated objectives.

  • Build specializations within the team to facilitate targeted focus and increase team efficiency.
  • Removal and Hiring for the team.
  • Guide team members through professional development and growth.

To achieve the visions and objectives of the People pod, different Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) will be used in evaluating the effectiveness of different actions and programs that will be implemented

  • Community Vibrancy Metrics.

Community Vibrancy Metrics (CVM) metrics will track the overall health and utility of the community. Such as membership growth, and interactions or even the community newsletter opt-outs.
These metrics will give a good perspective on how active the community really is, not just how it looks on the surface.

This will make the pod consistently gather data on the things that are important and see the bigger picture over time. Necessary reports will also be made for better data representation.

  • Engagement Metrics

Simply put, the engagement metrics will track the community relevancy. Such as the number of participating/contributing members, the net new vs returning contributors or the posts or replies per time interval.

Around 90% of members are just lurking and the other 10% barely contributing with 1% super users. Our goal would be to find the super users to try to nudge the other 99% to participate more often. We start by defining what engagement is and start experimenting with ways of increasing it.

  • Content Consumption Impact Metrics

The content consumption impact metrics track the community content relevancy and reach. Such as the content reach shares, comments, likes….
These consumption metrics tell give better details on how many people from the community view and consume contents that’s being published…

  • Support Impact Metrics

Some of the metrics here would be the time to resolution of problems, the number of accepted solutions, and the average time to answer a question.

  • User Satisfaction Metrics

If the users feel at home in the community, it’s highly likely that they are going to continue using the product. This would include surveys asking users how likely they are to recommend the product on a scale of 1 to 10. It’s both a user experience evaluation and a loyalty check.

  • Marketing and Sales Metrics

This will track the impact of community on marketing and sales objectives. In a nutshell, these metrics track the word of mouth that the community generates, then translated into marketing qualified leads and new users created.

  • Business Integration Metrics

This is going to track the impact of the community on the core operations.
Metrics here would include new ideas generated, the number of new ideas implemented, etc… and not only how many ideas are generated but also how many ideas are being implemented.

Work Philosophy

As a team, we will make sure we embrace the concept of agile workflows, pair and group working sessions, mutual accountability, and getting things done. As part of my day-to-day, I will make sure we:

  • Consider how each of our tasks can be improved and iterated on.
  • Maintain an open culture for discussion, collaboration, and learning.
  • Are unafraid to voice concerns or give constructive feedback.
  • Embrace a shared decision-making methodology to avoid getting stuck as a team.
  • Maintain active relationships with mandated actors and the greater Gro community.
  • Aim to constantly raise the bar for quality and coverage.
  • Keep a tight coupling with the Governance and the community to ensure communication needs are being met.

Budget proposal

For the People pod to be able to fulfill its goals and objectives we will need a budget for paying for salaries, incentives for the team, and other initiatives that we plan to execute.

Team remuneration

Remuneration will be an annual salary paid monthly and modified based on the level of the individual’s time commitment and experience.

The current team will consist of 1 full-time Facilitator and 2 contributors, with the intention of hiring a third contributor within the first two months of operations if the need arises.

Beckley Oyewole (@beckley), full-time – People pod Facilitator

Alex (@kndlexi) – Contributor (Plan to recruit if I’m chosen)

Contributor 3 – Hiring

Besides the base pay, each one of the contributors will be under a compensation structure, a proactive process that forms goals around the planning process, and accounts for past performance/growth.

The compensation structure follows these rules:

  1. Two-quarters of goal achievement constitutes a 10% raise in base pay.
  2. Not meeting goals results in base pay stagnation.
  3. Less than 50% of the goal number achieved results in 0 bonus for the quarter.


Once we start operations, we have to think about:

  • Enabling support systems, such as business productivity and collaboration tools
  • Hiring a legal advisor
  • Admin expenses
  • Educational contents
  • Flights, Conferences etc…
  • Other miscellaneous costs.

Contingency Buffer

Approximately 15% of budgeted costs in the event that we underestimated our current budget. Unincluded items that may end up being an expense are covered by the Contingency Buffer and will be added to an updated budget in the future if such items exist.

Team Remuneration — $201,600 + 300,000 in Gro DAO tokens (Vested)

Salaries – $168,000 + 250,000 Gro DAO tokens
Incentives – $33,600 + 50,000 in Gro DAO tokens

Operations – $110,000

Contingency Buffer – $45,240

Total – $356,840

Budget Implementation

Taking cue from the Groda product pod proposal. The operational wallet will be a 3-out-of-5 multisig with 2 contributors from the People Pod and 3 contributors from the Groda Product Pod as signers.This is to facilitate checks and balances, transparency and accountability in execution of the People pod mandate. Any leftover funds will be returned to the DAO treasury after the 6 month budget period ends.



My name is Alex, Kndlexi#7849 on discord and I’d be applying for the people’s pod facilitator role.


  • Been in the DAO ecosystem for Up to 2yrs, developing with every change in this space.
  • Worked as a Community/Contributor Onboarder in the SuperUMAn DAO (DeFI troop for the UMA Ecosystem)
  • Also had the social media campaigns project manager and twitter analyst role in the SuperUMAn DAO
  • Became a part of the Conflict resolution moderators for the SuperUMAn DAO too
  • Joined GRO ecosystem November last year was a Gforce contributor for 3 epochs, where I became an MVP and a Gforce Captain for the Creator squad
  • Bridge guardian for the Across protocol (Community engagement and moderation)
  • Became a part of the community guild for the Aragon DAO
  • Community management (contributor’s management, discord operation and community initiative and engagement) for H.E.R DAO


  • As a full time DAO ecosystem Contributor, I have a lot of experience with voting systems in various DAOs (NFT and Token base) understanding the various stages like Discord polls, Forum voting, Snapshot voting, Onchain voting and execution.
  • Leadership qualities: I can function with both a small and large number of contributors.
  • Tools management skills: I can manage various web3 tools to help maintain them
  • Community initiative/engagement skill to help improve conversations and engagement on GRO platforms.
  • I am aware of compensation in various DAOs and can revamp and improve on the DAOs compensation structure to fit the GRO DAO Ecosystem.
  • I have experience with multi sig signing as I was a multi sig signer for the SuperUMAn DAO onboarding team wallet.
  • Availability: I am a full time Discord user and can work for the 40hrs plus time set for the facilitator role.
  • Communication skill: I can manage cross calls between pods to align visions and goals for each pod.
  • I do day to day strategizing and exploring new ways to onboard and offboard contributors in the Web 3 space.
  • Experience with conflict resolution and can easily embed GRO DAO’s culture into the community and employees working culture.


  • Team work
  • Dedication and commitment
  • Time conscious
  • Good communication skill
  • Adapts to changes quickly
  • Willingness to learn and work
  • Accountability
  • Critical thinking


  • Always excited to put my knowledge to good use in DAOs.
  • I know I have what it takes to keep the position and people under this pod up and running, functioning for the growth of GRO DAO.
  • I also want to gain knowledge through constant interaction with other pod members, understanding more of DAOs from other people’s view.
  • Interested in this role, also because of the passion I have for people’s operation in general, Community initiative and engagement creating a comforting working environment for employees, contributors and the members in general, and ensuring fairness and growth of the people themselves as they are components of the DAO.


  • Community Engagement Increment:

Under the people’s management POD, we would be introducing squads that run on different programs to ensure there is more engagement in GRO DAO communities (i.e social platforms)

  • Creation of Ambassador Committee Program (Every epoch runs for 3 months):
    • They would be in charge of DAO to DAO relationship and GRO DAO integrations, IRL event meetups, social media outreach, media marketing and AMA events hosting.
    • There would be 2 teams under this program
      • Ambassador and outreach:

(Duties) AMA event hosting, DAO to DAO relationship, IRL meet ups and Integrations.

  • Media marketing:

(Duties) Content generation (i.e memes, graphics, animation videos), Social media moderation (youtube and twitter), Social media campaigns management and content management

  • Minimum 30 and maximum of 60 ambassadors recruited for 6 months.

  • Ambassador onboarding fliers would be put out once every month, so for each month there would be Top 5 best ambassadors rewarded

  • Bounties posting to engage one-time contributors (through platforms like Dework, wonderverse, etc)

  • We would retain 10 Ambassadors each epoch

  • Creation of community operations committee (Work measured every month):

    • This would consist of 1 legal guardian, 1 finance officer, 1 communications and 1 secretary. The people pods facilitator would automatically be a part of the community operations squad as the community management and operations head.
    • They would be in charge of smooth operation run in the community e.g discord moderation, social moderation, onboarding and offboarding workflow, governance operations and structuring, accountability, multi sig signing and monthly reports collation on KPIs.
  • Active Onboarding and Offboarding of contributors

    • Minimum of 60 contributors onboarded to the community in 6 months
    • Finalize governance process for the creation of more pods and discontinuations of Pods; If need be
    • Finalize Onboarding and Offboarding process through governance for Ambassadors, Committee and pod members
  • Tools management

    • Ensure all tools are properly maintained.
    • Discord structuring to fit and accommodate pods and committees creation and discontinuation.
    • Forum, snapshot and multisig wallet maintenance and data tracking
  • Bi weekly Community calls

    • Updates on GRO DAO products
    • Updates on GRO DAO pods
  • Improved Governance voting structure and participation

  • More participation and obvious growth and engagement on platforms like forum and snapshot.

  • More Forum conversations

  • Documentation monthly analysis of forum and snapshot data.

  • Go through proposals being posted to ensure they are inline with the proposal posting templates, revisiting former method and improving on it

  • Cross pod alignment

  • Ensuring pods are fully functional and run (Operation wise)

  • Collate monthly reports from each pod and share updates on what each pod has been up to.

  • Accountability and record keeping.


  • The people’s pod (People’s pod facilitator and Finance advisor) would stand as signers for other pods multi sig wallet.
  • With the absence of a finance advisor, only then can any of the roles; Communications/ Marketing manager and Legal Advisor stand as signers.
  • For the People’s pod multi sig wallet; 3 people’s pod contributors (full time and part time) plus 1 Product pod facilitator and 1 Risk pod facilitator would stand as signers.


Salary allocation based on roles :

People’s pod facilitator (full time)


  • Recruitment specialist: In charge of Onboarding strategizing and implementation.

  • In charge of human resource services, i.e Compensation structuring, training and development, health and retention of employees, vacation/break.

  • Preparation of DAO data reports every 3 months

  • In charge of Growth and development of the GRO DAO community

  • Bridge between community members and the DAO, relaying information to the DAO concerning the growth of the community.

  • Contributes to culture and policy regulation and development.

  • Governance lead; exploring ways to improve on the governance system of GRO DAO

  • DAO budgeting and growth accountability.

  • Coordinate with the media marketing and ambassador committees to ensure brand consistency and goals alignment.

  • Launching community initiatives

  • Liaise with the financial advisor and legal practitioner, communicating as one through you, understanding problems and solutions created from brainstorming sessions or reports making, in order to be able to interpret reports to the GRO DAO community.

  • Manage daily/weekly/monthly agenda for community calls and People’s pod sync calls.

  • Work side by side with comms and marketing to run the ambassadors program

  • Working hours: 40 - 50 hrs per week

  • Salary: $8,000 per month (full time)


Financial Advisor (part time)


  • Financial planning and strategizing

  • Financial data analysis

  • Pods budget plan analysis

  • Both the financial advisor and pod facilitator would stand as multisig signer for other guilds multisig wallet

  • Manage the treasury committee

  • Working hours: 20/25 hrs per week

  • Salary: $4,000 per month (note it’s part time)


Legal practitioner (part time)


  • Manage compliance related matters and services

  • Provide legal guidance and compliance advices to the GRO DAO

  • Identify key areas of the DAO that needs legal structuring to help reduce legal risk on the DAO

  • Educate the people pods team on legal issues and possible solutions

  • Working hours: 20/25 hrs per week

  • Salary: $5,000 each month (part time)


Communications / marketing manager (part time)


  • In charge of AMA events, ensuring there is smooth run for both Host and Audience

  • Brainstorm growth strategies for GRO DAO’s social accounts.

  • Social media informants ensure materials are distributed to their respective social platforms.

  • Content management

  • Ensuring brand voice consistency in GRO DAO marketing aspect

  • Coordinate the design and distribution of Educational or Social contents both Online and IRL events.

  • Working hours: 20/25 hrs per week

  • Salary: $4,000 each month

  • Ref;

For the Communications/ marketing manger role would be recruiting OG (Beckley) and ex-Gforce member - referencing his skill in Beckley’s application on the GRO DAO new collaboration forum post

If any other ex Gforce member or OG member would love to join in the Ambassadors program (we would revisit their former contributions/ ongoing contributions and add them to the first batch of Ambassadors monthly recruitment.

Note: Although these roles are mandatory, with delay in hiring some of the above roles asides the people’s pod facilitator role, the people’s pod would continue to function regardless.


5,000$ each month


First 10,000$ prize pots to be shared among contributors


Contributors (Full time, part time and ambassadors) payout

People Operation facilitator - ($8,000 X 6 months)

Financial Advisor- ($4000 X 6 months)

Legal practitioner/Advisor - ($5000 X 6 months)

Communications/ marketing manager - ($4,000 X 6 months)

Bounties - (5000$ X 6 months)

Ambassador program - (10,000$ X 6 months)

48,000$ + 24,000$ + 30,000$ + 24,000$ + 30,000 + 60,000$

Total Contributors payout = 216,000$ + $64,800 worth GRO DAO TOKEN + $43,200 worth vested GRO DAO TOKEN

(Note: for every Contributor payout there would be an additional 30% of Contributor payout($) worth unvested GRO DAO token to encourage more snapshot voting and 20% of Contributor payout($) worth vested GRO DAO token)


( People’s pod facilitator - $8,000

Operational expenses - $5,000 )

Total (Extra 1 month budget) = $13,000 + $2,400 worth unvested GRO DAO TOKEN + $1,600 worth vested GRO DAO token for the extra month


Operational expenses - $5,000 per month

Travel expense (IRL Events) - $10,000 per epoch

Health - $5,000 per Epoch

Miscellenous - (Virtual parties, contest, merch, membership NFTs, extra hires and so on) $20,000 per Epoch

($5,000 X 6 months) + ($10,000 X 2 epochs) + ($5,000 X 2 epochs) + ($20,000 X 2 epochs)

$30,000 + $20,000 + $10,000 + $40,000

Total operations cost = 100,000$


  • Need for any extra funding would have to go through governance
  • Unused funds would be left in the pod’s multi sig wallet and carried over to the next month
  • An epoch means 3 months in this proposal


Contributor pay out: 216,000$ + $64,800 worth GRO DAO TOKEN + $43,200 worth vested GRO DAO TOKEN

Operational Expenses: 100,000$

Extra 1 month expense: $13,000 + $2,400 worth unvested GRO DAO TOKEN + $1,600 worth vested GRO

Total People’s pod 6 months + 1 month extra budget = $329,000 USDC + $67,200 worth GRO DAO TOKEN (not vested) + $44,800 worth GRO DAO TOKEN (vested)


If this application goes through,

Moving forward,

1 month extra to the additional 6 month, making a total of 7 months

  • Planning and structuring of pod creation
  • proposal writing for pods and committee creation and kickstart (so pods can begin running officially on the same date - their 6 month span i.e 2 epochs in 6 months)
  • Discord restructuring to fit Pods and committee creation
  • Setting up teams multisig wallet for allocation of teams budgets per week, month or per epoch
  • Setting up ambassador program (social media posting, graphic prep)
  • Create onboarding and offboarding flow for Contributors (full time, part time and Ambassadors)
  • Open community positions for hire (referral based or job postings ) - Legal practitioner, Financial Advisory, Communications/ marketing manager roles.

Note: these positions would be opened to DAO members on forum first before being put on external recruitment platforms.

  • Gathering Resources and KPIs for each pods per Epoch
  • Also suggest that multisig signers are facilitators or members that actively participate in GRO DAO
  • Review treasury committee applicant (set up voting procedures or external hiring techniques to onboard a financial advisor from the committee or outside the committee)
  • GRO DAO contributors structure mapping

After 1 month of Set-Up, The people’s pod would begin running fully.


My name is Raambo and I would like to put myself forward for the People Pod facilitator role to help propel this fantastic project forward. Despite being relatively new and not yet having had a voice in the DAO historically - I have 4 years of experience working in Web3 and have particularly relevant experience in DAO theory, design, strategy, facilitation, and contribution. I have also spoken with multiple Groda pod members (with whom I have doxxed myself and will do the same to the community if accepted for the role) to better understand how I could best bring value to GRO.

Motivation – why do you want to be a People Pod facilitator?

I am a strong believer in:

  • the programmability of DAOs and tokenomics in enabling groups to create nuanced organisational and incentive structures that best meet their needs and ambitions
  • GRO’s ambition to increase easy and responsible access to DeFi
  • the importance of DeFi in bringing greater financial sovereignty in a world of increasing financial instability

Accordingly, I am motivated to harness the collective power of the community to accelerate the development of the GRO ecosystem and its products, and to tweak the existing organisational, governance, and incentive structures to ensure greater (bear market) resilience and maximise GRO’s potential in making DeFi more accessible.

Competencies & experience – why do you believe you’d be a good fit?

I began my journey in Web3 in 2017, where I started volunteering with the blockchain research facility at one of the top 10 ranked academic institutions globally (where I also graduated from). I currently work for the blockchain studio at a top tier consultancy, where I conduct strategy, design, implementation, R&D, and education for Web3 initiatives on behalf of clients across sectors and use cases. For example:

  • project managing the development and implementation of decentralised governance and tokenised incentive mechanisms to assist organisations wanting to progressively decentralise to varying degrees
  • helping Sporting Organisations and Luxury Brands conduct NFT and token launches by designing technical architectures, tokenomics, and go-to-market strategies; conducting use case feasibility/ viability/ desirability assessments; and mapping personas, user stories, and requirements
  • advising clients in identifying and designing appropriate custody solutions for cryptoassets, including multi-sig custody
  • conducting business development through partnerships with service providers, alliances and academic institutions
  • coordinating, organising, and liaising with cross-functional teams consisting of client stakeholders, designers, and internal and external developers for all projects

Outside of work, I am also:

  • part of Giveth’s Governance Circle where I am helping to quantify and assess contributor efforts to better distribute rewards
  • an active DAO contributor, proposer, and ambassador for Bright Moments DAO

These experiences have given me:

  • tangible insights into best practices, tools, benefits, pitfalls, and nuances of how DAOs can and should operate
  • an understanding of the regulatory and legal implications of how a DAO is structured and operates
  • an understanding of how to onboard more contributors into a DAO, even those who are non-Web3 native
  • a strong network of core contributors in other service DAOs and DAO service providers, who could help GRO on its journey

What do you want the People Pod to deliver over the next 6 months?

  • Onboard: another full-time contributor/ employee; two additional part-time contributors to the People Pod with varying degrees of commitment
  • enable GRO to benefit from and work with ecosystem partners through DAO-to-DAO partnerships/ bounties/ grants, to quickly scale operations and development
  • improve on existing governance mechanisms to have greater alignment between the core team and its community to ensure that decisions taken are more representative of what the community wants (which is especially important as the tools being developed are ultimately for the community!). This will be done by interviewing community members to understand their pain points and taking inspiration from how other leading DAOs currently operate. It is likely that we would adopt more nuanced governance mechanisms such as quadratic voting/ optimistic voting/ reputational voting, depending on the matter being governed. These actions will also aim to resolve current issues facing GRO’s governance including low-voter turnout and potential plutocracies (due to the distribution of governance tokens in the existing token-based voting system, which may be problematic for the long-term resilience of the DAO)
  • improve on existing incentive and coordination mechanisms, such that more contributors can be onboarded, bring value, and be more engaged in the long term, thus making the DAO more resilient. Ensuring that contributors can add value on specialised matters will also be enabled through the creation of sub-pods/ committees which may require its members to prove their reputation and/ or credentials (in an identity preserving way using ZKPs) depending on the subject matter being coordinated on
  • implement methods to accurately measure and correspondingly reward contributors for their efforts, by using tools and practices such as Coordinape or Sourcecred
  • re-evaluate and potentially tweak the organisational entity structure and/ or onboard additional third-party legal/ contractual/ employment services to ensure that as the DAO expands, the DAO and its participants are sufficiently protected from any potential developments in the regulatory environment

Caveat: the suggestions above are subject to change based on further feedback and consensus from the DAO

What budget do you propose for the People Pod for the first 6 months?

  • Compensation for Facilitator and full-time contributor: $90k + 120k GRO tokens
  • Base Compensation for part-time contributors: $35k + 70k GRO tokens
  • Performance/ effort based incentive bonuses and bounties for all non-permanent contributors (including other community members who may deliver ad-hoc contributions): $35k + 70k GRO tokens
  • Additional admin and operational costs (employment/ contractual service providers, legal professional, training, travel/ accommodation for conferences, subscriptions to productivity/ collaboration tools, benefits): $100k

TOTAL FOR 6 MONTHS: $260k + 260k (~$32k worth) GRO Tokens

Caveat: the suggestions above are subject to change based on further feedback and consensus from the DAO