New feature: Allow to transfer stacked tokens/vestings between wallets

Dear GRO team,

I would like to propose this new feature, I saw some options, like use crucible or have different tokens as f.e Olympus, if you have stacked some Olympus you get a token sOHM and you can transfer the token without losing your investment.


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I think it would be easier to take our staked Vault or PWRD tokens and use them as collateral on a protocol like Abracadabra. I am not sure if we could do anything with our Gro/Weth pool since its on balancer? I do think something like this would be great and would be great PR for GRO.


Hey @Cuidaito thanks for the suggestion and welcome to the community :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve read a bit about Crucible and actually had a chat with the Alchemist team when we were doing the launch via Copper.

What are the use cases for crucible in your view? It would be more gas to set up for the user but then allows you to transfer the LP tokens which is cool.

Would love to hear more thoughts!

Hi @charliem216,the point here is for example, if your wallet was compromised, you have the possibility to move everything to another wallet, becasue we want long term investments, and let 1 year the rewards/vesting linked to a compromised wallet is risky. I don’t mind to pay some extra fees if I can secure my investment xD.

I saw few times, how crucible helps in this case, also for me the perfection would be as Olympus, to have a different token for the GROs stacked/rewarderd/vested like sGRO/rGRO/vGRO and you are able to move them to another wallet without “exit”


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