Metis - Suggestion for Layer 2 solution

As we all know, gas fees on Ethereum are excessive at the moment, and can be a real impediment to GRO’s growth, especially with regards to interest from small investors. Bridging GRO to a Layer 2 solution is therefore essential and is thus a priority in the team’s roadmap. Yesterday on the Community Call, and today in the Discord a few options for Layer 2 solutions were discussed, however the current options (e.g. Arbitrum) have significant drawbacks, primarily the long withdrawal times.

Metis is a new Layer 2 solution (using optimistic rollups) that aims to solve the shortcomings of existing Layer 2 solutions. They are launching on testnet this weekend and will launch their mainnet within the coming weeks (as they claim). They have quite a few projects building on them already, including a DEX, and are currently running a hackathon.

The main selling points of Metis (compared to the L2 competition) are 1) short withdrawal times (hours instead of days) 2) easy integration through their Polis middleware 3) native on-chain storage through IPFS.

Please see below for a side-by-side comparison between Metis, Arbitrum and Optimism (not my work)

Proposal for the team to examine whether bridging to Metis as an L2 solution would be feasible and beneficial to GRO.

Full disclosure: I am not in any way involved with the team of Metis but have invested a small amount in the METIS token a few months ago. I am (obviously) also invested in GRO Protocol.