List GRO on Zksync and Pair on ZigZag Exchange

I would like to make a proposal to list GRO DAO token on Zksync and Pair on ZigZag Exchange :point_down:

Zigzag Exchange also has integration with Argent so users can now get low cost, high speed trading in your Argent zkSync account.There’s a flat fee of only $1 including the network fees. No more painful L1 gas fees!.

So, Smooth integration between 3 Products :point_down:
GRO Protocol × ZigZag exchange × Argent :exploding_head:

Recently, ZigZag calling out other projects to list their projects tokens pair on their exchange that’s why I am Proposing this proposal.

******"A call to all projects! Get exposure to your token on @zksync in a permissionless and trustless way:

  1. List your token on zkSync and your pair on ZigZag:

  2. Run a liquidity node, a market maker bot with your own liquidity: "******

( }

ZigZag is a native, easy-to-use, reliable, fully secure and low fee Ethereum L2 ZK Rollup orderbook Decentralized Exchange built on Zksync and Starkware.

Starkware Metrics :point_down:

ETH Liquidity on ZigZag :point_down:

ZigZag already have these :point_down: Crypto to trade on L2 :partying_face:

All trades $1 only.

To save painful L1 gas fees on trading i think ZigZag is a good exchange.

If you have any other thought / suggestions I will love to hear that :wink:.


This is awesome! Very excited.

Next steps we need to work out how to make this happen, will have a chat with a few other ppl and come back to you :smile: