I would like to make a proposal to change mechanism for "Vesting Bonus Pool"

Currently stakers of Gro have to Claim the “Vesting Bonus Pool” once every 14 days. For alot of the stakers this is not gas efficient, and is not a good user experience.

For a better user experience we should explore another option such as:

  • Gro distributing the “Vesting Bonus Pool” to the stakers automatically once a month or every two months (whenever gas is cheap)

If this is to costly for Gro; perhaps the stakers do a one time gas fee to put them into this option to help offset gas cost?



Hey @mastermojo83 thanks for your suggestion! A few people in our discord have suggested automatic claiming also.

The reason we chose to go with manual claiming is that it rewards users for being engaged, vs just for wallet size. If everyone claimed automatically and at a low gas cost then a large and a small wallet would get exactly the same share.

Whereas with manual claiming a more engaged user can pick a time window and set their gas in such a way that maximises their total returns. This can give them an edge or an advantage over bigger wallets to get a larger share of the GRO pie!

WDYT about that rationale? Still prefer automatic? Thanks!

In my opinion, every additional step on ETH net will give an advantage to the “big wallets”.

I’m agree with mastermojo83, should be automatic (maybe the fees could by pay with the gros in the vestig pool)

Thanks for the feedback… What are your thoughts on the argument that manual vesting benefits more engaged users? Whereas automatic is the same for everyone so is just pro rata between wallet size.

For the sake of simplicity: imagine gas is the same whether automatic or manual

Genuinely curious: the more input we get the better!