Groda Product Pod 2nd Term Proposal


This proposal is for Gro to fund the Groda product pod for another term, with three voting options:

  1. Extend Groda Pod’s existing term for 1 more month (within the existing remaining budget)
  2. Fund Groda Pod for another 6-month term
  3. Rejection of all options

The proposal will be open for comments over the next 3 days. If no substantial changes are required, it will then be open for voting for another 5 days.

Groda Pod Product Direction

As detailed in the previous temperature check, the Groda Pod has successfully launched G2 and decentralized its core services, among other achievements. However, the Groda Pod has not yet decided on the next major product to develop, despite researching various topics such as On-chain Pawn-Shop, Community-led Asset Management, Wallet Analytics, Tokenized RWA, and more. The pod has not yet gained strong conviction on these ideas.

The Groda Pod aims to carefully choose the most appropriate path forward, in alignment with Gro DAO’s values of creating high-impact products for its users. To facilitate this decision, the Groda Pod will establish a dedicated process for identifying Web3 trends, evaluating conviction within the pod, and assessing market demand and user desirability.

Currently, the Groda Pod’s most promising ideas for its next product include a Smart Contract Wallet SDK based on ERC-4337 (Account Abstraction) and a decentralized stablecoin backed by staked ETH as collateral with algorithmic market operations. However, the Groda Pod wants to conduct further research and validation before committing to these ideas or others.

Given that the next product idea is still undecided, the DAO can choose between three options.

Proposal Voting Options

1. Extend current mandate: 1 Month

By approving a 1-month extension of Groda’s current term, the Gro DAO will enable the Groda Pod to allocate the existing budget surplus towards funding an additional month of operations. This extension will provide the necessary time for the Groda Pod to continue its product discovery efforts, with the aim of gaining more market validation and conviction. At the end of the 1-month period, the Groda Pod will present a refined proposal for a 6-month term renewal, based on the comprehensive research conducted during the extension period.

During this 1-month extension, the Groda Pod will focus on the following activities:

  • Conduct in-depth product discovery to identify and propose the next high-impact product idea for the Groda Pod to concentrate on, in alignment with Gro DAO’s objectives.
  • Implement the Governor Bravo framework to enhance decentralization of core protocol functionalities, empowering the community to make collective decisions.
  • Maintain and ensure the safety, security, and accuracy of the G2 platform, upholding its reliability for users.
  • Deployment of G2 on an additional chain and further modularize key components to create a tranching “DeFi Lego Block”


Groda pod has a projected budget surplus of approximately 200k USDC from its current term (September 22 - March 23). If the DAO approves a 1-month extension, the Groda Pod will use 63.667 USDC as its monthly contributor compensation, and the rest of the budget will be reconciled and returned to the DAO treasury.

2. New Mandate: 6 Months

With the Gro DAO’s funding support, the Groda Pod will be able to:

  • Explore and validate current product ideas, including but not limited to:
    • Smart Contract Wallet SDK (ERC-4337 / Account Abstraction)
    • Decentralized Stablecoin (staked ETH with Algorithmic Market Operations)
  • Launch the OnRamp Comparator publicly, incorporating user feedback and utilizing quantitative data to drive iterative improvements.
  • Implement the Governor Bravo framework to further decentralize core protocol functionalities, allowing GRO Tokenholders to participate in collective on-chain decision-making processes.
  • Ensure the ongoing safety, security, and accuracy of the G2 platform for a reliable user experience.
  • Concentrate on achieving the Groda Pod’s Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to maximize the impact and value of the pod’s initiatives.
  • Deployment of G2 on an additional chain and further modularize key components to create a tranching “DeFi Lego Block”


For the next 6 months, Groda proposes a budget of 382,000 USDC that will be transferred to the Groda Product Pod’s operational wallet if approved.

For checks and balances, the operational wallet is a 3-out-of-5 multi-sig with 2 full-time contributors in the Groda Product Pod and 3 contributors from other Pods (with two from the People Pod).

  • 6 full-time contributors’ compensation: 350,000 USDC over 6 months
  • Service provider and operating expenses (e.g., Infura, Alchemy, Gelato and other fees and expenses): 32,000 USDC over 6 months

Groda pod will have a projected budget surplus of approximately 200k USDC from its current term (September 22 - March 23) which will be reconciled and returned to the DAO treasury. In case of approval of the extension for the 2nd term, the Groda Pod will be requesting a total amount of 382,000 USDC from the Gro Dao Treasury to the Groda Pod operational wallet.

3. Reject proposal

In the event that the aforementioned options (6-month renewal or 1-month extension) are not approved, the Groda team will carefully review the proposal and engage in a thorough dialogue with the community to incorporate any feedback received. This collaborative approach will enable us to refine the proposal and ultimately identify the most suitable solution that aligns with the community’s interests and expectations.


This vote will run for 5 days and will follow the ranked-choice voting (instant runoff voting) format as there are 3 viable options to choose from. Accordingly, users can rank their choices by order of preference. If no option receives a majority share of votes (over 50%), the option with the least amount of votes will be eliminated, and those who voted for this option will have their second choice recorded instead. You can read more about ranked-choice voting here: Voting systems - snapshot

Composition of the Pod

Following the Gro DAO collaboration framework, the Groda Product Pod will include contributors who participate in engineering, product design, and product management. The pod might also expand to those who contribute on a part-time or bounty basis (i.e. through the new OG Programme):

6 (full-time) contributors would form the Groda Product Pod:

  • Jimemart (frontend)
  • SHAKOTN (backend & smart contract)
  • Kat (smart contract)
  • Wint3rmute (backend)
  • Haywired (design)
  • SAS (product & pod facilitator)

Improved goal-setting and coordination

The Groda Pod has recognized the need to improve focus on delivering high-value results and executing them more quickly. To address this, the pod has implemented dedicated Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and is using the Coordinape platform to enhance accountability, establish short feedback loops, and recognize skills and behaviors that drive impactful outcomes.

The Groda Pod is eager to receive feedback and encourages active participation from the community in shaping the future of its endeavors, ultimately fostering a collaborative environment that drives the success of Gro DAO’s mission.


Looks good and well put together to me. :slightly_smiling_face:


The option to use 1 extra month to focus on nailing down the Gro’s next big product is sensible to me!


Go Groda! Excited for this :slight_smile:


Like others, I am intrigued by the various product ideas!

My ideal outcome would be that the Groda Pod begins its next term laser-focused on building and shipping products one-by-one (myself and probably many others would be happy to support in any way we can).

If the best way to get there would be a 1-month extension to develop a clear game plan so that the Groda Pod can hit the ground running in the next 6-month term, that is fine by me.

One question came to mind: If the 1-month extension option is chosen, does that mean the OnRamp Comparator launch might be delayed?


Yes, in case of going for the 1-month option, I would advocate having a laser focus on doing a holistic deep-dive into the respective ideas. That would mean that certain topics (e.g. onramp comparator) would need to be deprioritized so that we have capacity resources to double down on the product research. There might be still work being done on the onramp comparator but going live will not be Grodas’ priority or goal for the “1-month sprint”.


The smart contract wallet SDK has piqued my interest, as it represents a promising initiative given the future of web3 wallets is hinged on account abstraction. The proposal has been articulated super clear and note the presence of several great ideas. Excited already! Good luck!