Gro Roadmap Feedback

Hey Gro community,

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support you’ve shown Gro - we are delighted to have so many new members join us over the last few days!

The development team is currently reviewing the roadmap. We ticked a lot of boxes last week - including our governance token launch, decentralising governance and liquidity incentives.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what Gro should prioritise at the moment. Whether it’s mobile support, Layer2 solution, integrations with particular wallets or partnerships with DAO treasuries - let us know!


I would love to see layer 2 solutions first tbh :slight_smile: That would attract more people to GRO with low fees!


Layer 2 and mobile would attract more users


I would love to see the issues with Trezor addressed. I don’t feel comfortable with the “workaround” which requires me to either:

a) Simply use Metamask by itself to stake

b) Downgrade to an older version of Metamask which will allow my Trezor to sign the staking txn

Both these options make me uncomfortable in terms of security. I would like to be able to use the updated version of Metamask along with my Trezor so I can sleep comfy at night.

Appreciate everything you all are doing!


1.) Mobile Support and Layer 2 support will be necessary for more widespread adoption. Most smaller users are priced out if the goal is to use the Gro Protocol as a hub for DeFi savings account.

1.) Dharma ( – They offer fiat on-ramps into several DeFi protocols. Integration to utilize their front end to onboard users to Gro.

2.) Index Coop ( – Potential for them to consider utilization of their DAO treasury – I’ve been impressed with their level of community engagement and hope to see GRO make it into the DeFi Pulse Index.


Highly support mobile app, fiat onramp, and developer API.

Mobile Support and Layer 2 as a priority.

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Dream team, no matter in what order the roadmap is executed, it is important to move forward

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layer2 is important ,avoid the gas war!

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What is G2 ?

Beside that i think : L2, Mobile support, fiat on ramp

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Layer 2 for sure :mechanical_arm:

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I think the best way to attract users/funds to the protocol is to find higher APY strategies. And what about people with small capital - we need to support low-fees networks so that they be able to deposit and stake. And of course, a good marketing plan is a key to success. So these are my priorities.


I would like to propose the inclusion and integration with FEI protocol as an additional stablecoin. FEI has almost $1B in PCV and can allocate a substantial amount of capital to either cheaply lend for GRO strategies or create liquidity for GRO. I am a core contributor with the FEI DAO and would be willing to assist with this.


Mobile Support first!

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I would like for the team to put some focus on CEX listings as this would both attract more people and reward the $GRO holders. In regards to CEX listings, i believe only Binance and Coinbase are exchanges which can have a big effect on a project. Therefor i would suggest to put focus on getting listed on Binance or/and Coinbase.


Agree with most of the above. Main priorities should Layer 2, Mobile, Fiat on-ramps.

On top of that, I think the team should be pursuing at least some significant CEX listings (Binance, Huobi, FTX, Coinbase etc), outside of the smaller ones that have approached the team.

Although a CEX listing may not seem intuitive at first since the GRO protocol is inherently decentralised - it still has many benefits as I’m sure we all know. Some that come to my mind include:

  • Increased overall awareness for the project in the wider crypto industry.
  • Increased awareness then allows us to promote the project to new users more easily, to grow the core community.
  • Acts as another ‘gateway’ for people to ultimately use the protocol.
  • A large exchange listing adds credence and legitimacy to the project in the eyes of new users.

I’m sure there are more as well, and I hope the community agrees with my points above!


Top 5 short-term priorities in order of importance:

  1. Layer 2 - I’d be very curious to know how this might operate differently, and if there would be any interoperability with the Ethereum mainnet version of Gro.
  2. IL-Protected LP Strategy - It’s no coincidence that the PWRD-3CRV pool has the second-highest TVL at the moment, even though its APY is the lowest. IL protection is attractive to all types of investors. The Balancer Gro/WETH pool is also a great idea.
  3. Liquidity incentives - Assuming a decision hasn’t been made yet regarding what to do after the 2M month 1 Gro rewards program ends. In which case, this should ideally be proposed to and voted on by the Gro DAO.
  4. Decentralise governance - If this means having the Gro DAO vote on proposals, then yes this is high priority for making decisions.
  5. B2B & treasury strategy - Having some long-term funds increasing and maintaining the TVL in the underlying products, particularly PWRD, benefits everyone.

Longer-term priorities that can be focused on later:

  • New partnerships - But not everything all at once. Quality and longevity over quantity.
  • User stats
  • G2 - What is this?
  • More audits
  • Higher APY strategies - The Gro pools are more than sufficient to maintain interest for the next month, but Vault and PWRD could use occasional boosts to stay competitive, depending on risk profiles.
  • Adv. mobile support
  • Referral program
  • Fiat onramp
  • Airdrops - Not sure how necessary this is to attract new users anymore, but I am open to suggestions about this topic.

Other suggestions for the roadmap:

  • Grants & possible incentivization of hackathons
  • Exploring composability, related to grants and partnerships perhaps - It’s my understanding that Vault and PWRD are yield-bearing assets, which has limitations for composability. However, I’d be interested to know if anything else could be done with them in addition to earning Gro rewards.
  • Crypto participation platforms - RabbitHole, Discovery (winner at Hack Money 2021 but still very early-stage Discovery · ETHGlobal Showcase), any others.

These are all my opinions of course, and I’d be happy to discuss any points in further detail.

After a legitimately impressive launch (seriously, Gro’s launch was far better than a number of high-profile launches in recent memory), I’m excited to continue taking part in Gro’s further development. This project has legs.


This support is now live, we have worked around the Trezor/MetaMask/eip-1559 challenges


Layer 2, new products and Mobile support :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah definitely noticing a lot of newbies getting rekt by gas when they go to buy at uniswap or balancer, if they could just buy on Binance or something it would save us a lot of explaining and them a lot of fees.