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The People Pod’s 1st 6-month term will be coming to an end on July 16th, 2023.

This proposal is for Gro DAO to allow the People Pod to continue operating for its 2nd 6-month term (with 95,000 $GRO in additional funding).

Voting Options

The DAO has the following options to vote from:

  • FOR: Accept the proposal
  • AGAINST: Reject the proposal
  • ABSTAIN: No opinion on the proposal


Since its inception on January 16, 2023, the People Pod has primarily facilitated DAO governance, operations, performance management, and coordination.

1st term highlights include (see monthly updates linked above for more details):

  • Governance

    • Drafted and provided feedback on Community Forum RFCs and Snapshot Proposals
    • Created guides, processes and templates to enable more informed decision making
    • Facilitating the transition to a more decentralised, robust and autonomous (on-chain) governance system (as part of the ongoing meta-governance update)
    • Analysing GRO tokenomics (in relation to governance incentives and utility) to identify how this should operate going forward
  • Enabling High-Performing Pods

    • Assisted pods with elections, set-up, operations, performance and coordination
    • Supported with pod facilitator and contributor on-boarding and off-boarding
    • Implemented a decentralised performance management system for pods (and OGs)
    • Created an OKR framework for pods to measure progress and performance against their objectives and to better align with the DAO’s mission of making Web3 more accessible.
    • Supported pods with drafting OKRs, and conducting OKR check-ins and reviews
    • Enabled cross-pod collaboration by hosting weekly cross-pod alignment/demo sessions
    • Supported product pods with product ideation, validation and research
  • DAO-wide communications, coordination, support and education

    • Revived frequent community calls to provide transparent updates and boost engagement
    • Set up Notion for Gro DAO (migrated working documents from Confluence to Notion and product documentation from Gitbook to Notion) to increase and consolidate access to information channels
    • Revamped the Gro DAO Discord
    • Published novel content for Gro DAO’s Medium Blog and Twitter (with OG support)
    • Mandated monthly performance updates from pods
    • Assisted Gro Protocol users with troubleshooting bugs
    • Launched a refreshed OG programme which saw increased community engagement and DAO members actively participating and contributing to research, education, marketing, governance and growth-related tasks (via bounties and quests)

Past Objectives (and Key Results):

Accordingly, the People Pod has successfully achieved most of its 1st term’s OKRs (including what the People Pod initially committed to the DAO, and more!):

Future Objectives:

The People Pod has successfully completed its initial term and is prepared to continue pushing Gro DAO along its progressive decentralisation journey while ensuring productivity and efficiency. Its first term has provided invaluable experience and insights into functioning as a pod, collaborating with the DAO, and helping meet the DAO’s needs.

If this proposal is accepted, the People Pod will strive to achieve the following objectives over the next 6 months:

  1. Enable DAO contributors and pods to perform well and deliver on their objectives
  • Facilitate the OKR process with more stringency in evaluating pod-level and contributor performance
  • Empower the highest-performing contributors
  • Support FiSt and Groda pods with product discovery and ideation
  • Help streamline pod operations and remove bottlenecks
  1. Improve governance structure and incentivise active and long-term voter participation
  • Complete migration to on-chain governance (and ensure that it works)
  • Finish the set up of the emergency multi-sig (and ensure that it works efficiently)
  • Ensure that governance processes are simple and clear
  • Educate, empower and incentivise community members to participate in governance
  • Encourage and enable voter delegation (via voter delegation programme)
  • Update the ways in which governance power (vesting $GRO) is distributed and ensure that $GRO utility is aligned with future products released by the DAO
  1. Improve collaboration, transparency, and education within (and beyond) Gro DAO
  • Help the community with troubleshooting, addressing blockers and queries
  • Focus on high-quality educational content about on Gro DAO and its products
  • Host more engaging and focused community events
  • Continue sharing monthly pod-level updates, with a focus on granular product updates
  • Complete migration, structuring and updating of documentation to Notion
  1. Attract users to G2
  • Identify and reach out to protocols that could benefit from using Gro Protocol
  1. DAO legal
  • Explore if and whether Gro DAO requires some form of incorporation and follow the constantly evolving regulatory landscape for DAOs and DeFi
  • Enable DAO contributors to receive fiat-payouts and/or and employers of record

Budget & Composition

Spending to Date

By the end of its initial 6-month term, the People Pod would have spent 114,627 out of 260,000 $USDC (~44%), and 141,319 out of 260,000 $GRO (~54%), from its initial budget:

People Pod’s 1st Term Spending $USDC $GRO
Pod Facilitator and Contributor Compensation 83,770 133,115
Incentives for Community Contributions 11,943 8204
Operational Expenses 18,914
TOTAL SPENT 114,627 141,319
TOTAL BUDGET 260,000 260,000
UNSPENT BUDGET 145,373 118,681

Future Spending

It is estimated the People Pod will require 145,300 $USDC and 213,200 $GRO (as illustrated in the following table) to continue operating and achieve the aforementioned objectives in its proposed 2nd 6-month term:

People Pod’s Proposed 2nd Term Budget $USDC $GRO
Pod Facilitator and Contributor Compensation 95,300 158,200
Incentives for Community Contributions 25,000 50,000
Operational Expenses and Contingency Buffer 25,000 5,000
TOTAL BUDGET 145,300 213,200

Therefore, because of its excess budget remaining from its initial term, the People Pod would only require an additional 95,000 $GRO* (~$3,400) for its 2nd term.

*$GRO used for contributor compensation, operational expenses and contingency buffer would come from the Gro DAO Treasury allocation, while $GRO used for community incentives would come from the Community Incentives allocation.


Raambo will continue as the People Pod’s facilitator in a full-time capacity, while Jaypow, Kndlexi and Beckley will continue as part-time contributors (with their combined hours equating to that of a full-time contributor). As seen in its 1st term (particularly through the OG Programme), the community will be incentivised to completed certain ad-hoc tasks in the form of bounties, in a continued (yet more streamlined) effort to crowdsource contributions from the DAO.


The People Pod’s 1st term officially comes to an end on July 16 2023. Its second term will commence if and when this proposal is approved by the DAO, and will run for 6 months from this date.

Submission Date & Next Steps

  • Date of Submission: July 8th, 2023
  • Move proposal to Snapshot if RFC feedback is implemented and there is sufficient support: July 13th, 2023 (at the earliest)

Signalling Vote

Please indicate below whether you are FOR, AGAINST; or have no opinion (ABSTAIN); on this sub-proposal.

  • FOR
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I can tell you the answer here. You 100 percent do.

Will this include more input from the community?

This could use greater input from the community.

Essentially, it would be cool to see more transparent actions with some parts of the pods in cycle 2.

A lot of info was refreshed, but. There is still a long way to go.

Community calls could be biweekly, with 1 on Twitter spaces, 1 on discord.

It’s cool to see the communication about governance processes in discord now.

The OG programme could help with presenting more aspects of Gro DAO, if they are able to pick up on some of the alpha that is going on in the group. This could be disseminated by having OG calls with groda pod, fist, and panda pod.

Overall, I am in support, but that’s with the hope that there will be more transparency with information going forward.

Regarding the legal wrapper, I can put you in touch with Jawna from MIDAO. She can assist.

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re your first question, yes, many of these tasks could definitely use input and support from the community!

Fully agree that there is still a long way to go on information refresh and making the way information is disseminated more transparent and efficient.

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