[GRFC] - Additional Funding for Audit of New GSquared Strategies


[GRFC] - Additional Funding for Audit of New GSquared Strategies


  • KD0x701137


Request for an additional $40,000 in funding to audit two newly developed strategies to ensure GSquared protocol’s stability and security:

  • $20,000 for the Flux Strategy Audit.
  • $20,000 for the Dai Saving Rate Strategy Audit.

Voting Options

  • Approve the full additional funding request of $40,000.

  • ábstain.

  • Decline the additional funding request.

Type (Proposed Changes)

  • This proposal would result in an off-chain action.

  • Proposal to allocate funds for auditing two strategies: Flux and Dai Saving Rate.


  • The risk-to-reward ratio imbalance in the current convex strategies needs addressing.

  • Auditing the strategies ensures the protocol’s robustness and minimizes potential vulnerabilities.

  • Comments from users indicate a need for clarity in how the strategies function and their relevance to GSquared.


  • Once approved, the funds will be directed to third-party auditors.

  • Estimated budget: $40,000. No additional fees are anticipated.

  • Estimated time: 2 weeks for both audits (~1 week per audit).

  • Technical processes include liaising with auditing firms, supplying them with necessary documents, and facilitating the audit.

Benefits (Pros)

  • Ensures the GSquared protocol remains secure and efficient.

  • Addresses imbalances, potentially attracting more users/stakeholders.

  • Boosts confidence in the protocol’s stability.

Downsides (Cons)

  • Initial outlay of $40,000.

  • There’s always a risk of the audit not uncovering all potential vulnerabilities.


Submission date and next steps

  • Date of Submission: 04.09.23

  • Proposed starting date of Snapshot vote: 10.09.23

Request for Comments - “This proposal will be open for comments over the next 6 days. If no substantial changes are required, it will then be open for voting for another 5 days.”


  • Approve the full additional funding request
  • Abstain
  • Reject the proposal
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