[Grant Proposal] Add Gro Protocol Governance to Boardroom.io


Boardroom was started as a hackathon project in 2018 by Kevin Nielsen who would carry the idea into a role at TQ Tezos, where he built governance tooling for validators and token holders. The Boardroom founding team soon realized that if projects at the application layer were to adopt governance systems at scale, it would be important to abstract procedural complexities using aggregated governance tooling and services - so they started hacking on Boardroom a year and a half ago. Since then, it’s grown to add an amazing team of seven engineers and developers that are passionate about building the future interface and architecture for distributed work, capital, and coordination.

My name is 0xWinger. I am an active DeFi contributor and Messari Hub analyst. I have spent the last nine months primarily focused on web3 governance and writing proposals for the protocols I am involved with. Now, I am assisting Boardroom with identifying and applying for protocol grants to facilitate onboarding and integrations for the new application, as well as Boardroom’s role in meta governance, and will be the point of contact for this submission.

Grant Description

Boardroom is a DAO discovery and governance platform, home to hundreds of communities shaping the future of the ownership economy. Our current interface implementation was built to closely mirror the governance process of any DAO or distributed community, regardless of what governance framework they are built on.

This grant will support the onboarding and ongoing maintenance of the Gro governance dashboard on the new version of the Boardroom application, the integration into the Boardroom API, and meta governance efforts to increase participation from other communities.

This will provide a powerful tool for Gro governance participants to:

  • Set up a global governance profile tracking all their activity
  • View upcoming proposals and sign up for notifications on their user dashboard
  • Browse through all active and closed Gro proposals and voter information
  • Vote and delegate (if enabled) on any proposal using any wallet
  • Create proposals through a standardized and templatized interface
  • Browse additional project treasury information and relevant resources

In addition to the frontend and API integrations, Boardroom’s meta governance pod aims to turn proven active governors from other communities into Gro participants by forming a governance collective. As a holder of Gro governance tokens, the Governor’s DAO will actively participate and engage in the protocols that Boardroom supports.

Grant Goals

The goal of the integration is to increase transparency and external stakeholder input into the Gro governance process. The Boardroom application can provide a single source of information and truth for the grants process, adding a level of disclosure and community participation that will create context and traceability for future grant distributions and approvals. The API also allows any third-party interface and application to easily access Gro DAO data, governance, and participation information.

Establish Boardroom as a Meta Governance participant in the Gro ecosystem. Meta-governance refers to the ability of delegates to vote on governance proposals for external protocols. As a holder of project tokens, such as Gro, Boardroom can actively engage with the protocols it works with.

As providers and builders servicing Gro token holders, we believe the Boardroom community of governors can play an important stakeholder role that will help bolster initiatives for proper, transparent, and representative governance. We also hope, in turn, to uphold the values of our own constituents.

It is our mandate to support the long-term objectives of the protocols integrated with our platform and align our own goals as closely as possible to them. The funding is intended to both increase the balance of Gro tokens for meta governance as well as to incentivize the delegate to stay educated and aligned with the goals of Gro.


  • Production launch of the Gro hub on the SDK and API and subsequent release to version 2 of the Boardroom frontend application
  • First meta governance pod vote on a Gro proposal


The integration process will be completed in one single implementation step and will take roughly two weeks to a month, at which point the project page will be live on boardroom.io and relevant data available on our API.

Budget Breakdown

Implementation and Maintenance:

Initial implementation and onboarding: $2,480

  • Senior Engineer ($100/hour) - 12 hours of SDK and platform work and QA
  • Frontend Developer (80/hour) - 16 hours on frontend integration work and QA

Ongoing testing, feature additions, support, and general QA: $1,000 a month, 12 months

  • Senior Engineer ($100/hour) - 4 hours a month on testing and QA
  • Frontend Developer (80/hour) - 4 hours on UI fixes, support, and feature additions
  • Team Support and QA ($70/hour) - 4 hours on community and team support

Meta governance:

  • Governance Delegate - $500 a month, 12 months

Total Funding Request: $20,480

Website: boardroom.io


Thanks @0xWinger for this detailed proposal! Boardroom.io has a really neat and helpful UI for different DAOs. It’d be especially helpful for those who participate in governance of multiple DAOs!

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