Getting very high gas fees

I am not sure where the best place to post questions like this, but I am trying to understand if I am doing something wrong. When I try to enter a pool, convert to GRO etc. the gas fees are in the hundreds of dollars. Since I am only experimenting with a 2-3K this is not a good idea. Is there anything that can be done with this little of money? Or am I just doing something totally wrong and getting high fees than I should. Please advise if there is a better place to post this or an article to read. Thanks for your help,

Hey mate, gas fees are super high recently. You can use the “!gas” function in discord to check gas prices, or see Try early morning UTC time, or Sundays, normally Gas is lower at those times. Join our discord for future questions, you’ll get a quicker reply!

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thanks for the advise about discord and the link. -Jason