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Role applied for; People pod - facilitator

A brief introduction about myself

Hello all, I’m Beckley. First found out about Gro a year and two months ago while surfing through the Variant fund website. What caught my attention was the wicked simplicity of the protocol. The DApp was smooth and easy to navigate. My reaction: “Ah ah… finally found something in DeFi my pops can understand.” Made my first deposit into vault and the rest is history.

A year and two months later, still here. An Investor, active protocol user, DAO participant, G-force MVP, Gro OG, Risk member and most importantly, a Gromie :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


  • Ability to produce creative and informative writing.

  • ability to conduct quantitative and qualitative market research

  • Time management with attention to detail

  • Data visualisation & pattern finding through critical thinking

  • Represention of ideas through videographical means

  • Project / Campaign management


  • Brainstorm, research and analyze topics for business and brand development while expanding international reach through online newsletters to over 40 countries at Alpha sharks

  • Recorded and analysed trading data for tracking profitability and strategic adaptation for Dextools ( DeFi tool for monitoring market movement)

  • Collaborated with different departments to create social media copy and imagery while responding to serious inquiries and comments within 12 hours for Bgogo exchange platform

  • Worked closely with the Reserve rights team to represent the voice of the community to generate and amplify new blog post ideas.


  • Football

  • Video games

  • DeFi

  • Music and Dancing

  • Flaneuring

If you require any further information, please get in touch. In any event, I look forward to hearing from you as this process progresses.

Hi Gromies.

Interested in: Emergency multi-sig member

My experience & advantages:

  • User of Gro since launch.
  • Joined Gro community in July 2021 and was nominated as an OG in the second wave of intakes in Sept. 2021.
  • Am a crypto native who has worked as a bounty management assistance performing fraud detection and community outreach, and am a community moderator for another DeFi project.
  • I have a high participation rate in Gro governance votes that I felt informed enough to participate in. If I didn’t feel informed enough, I did not. In this emergency multisig role, I would of course plan to have a 100% participation rate.
  • Have onboarded users from other communities into Gro and have helped connect multiple outside participants with the Gro research chats.
  • I live in the GMT+9 time zone and due to the nature of my day job, have a relatively wide window of time in which I can make myself available for emergencies.
  • Though my day job is in a field unrelated to crypto (higher education), my work is student-facing and involves following strict procedures, navigating uncertainty, thinking on the spot, managing fraud, as well as cooperating with international students and colleagues of a wide variety of language levels. Communicating clearly across cultural divides is second nature to me.

My pledges if selected:

  • This account is pseudonymous, but I am willing to doxx myself to team members and other multisig members if they pledge to do the same in return. Accountability is paramount in this role.
  • I stay up-to-date with crypto security news and will use the best OpSec practices I can (on a related note, this is a great resource: OfficerCIA -
  • If I will be on holiday or busy with other work that would affect my responsibilities, I will notify the relevant team members in advance. In the latter case, I will relinquish my position and assist in the handover to another member.

I am willing to be considered for other roles if the team believes I would be a fit. And regardless of the outcome, no hard feelings - I will be sticking around! Thanks for your time.

(Unrelated, but fun)

Submitting this application on behalf of myself (exa256.eth) and Exponent team (, for the following role(s):

  1. Treasury Pod Committee member: to help preserve and extend the runway for Gro DAO
  2. Risk pod contributor: to work closely with Risk Facilitator and be responsible for markets and economic risks

My experience

  • been involved in full-stack dApp development since early 2017
  • manage Exponent’s own Treasury vault as a Safe Multisig signer
  • supports on-chain financial operations within the team, from budget allocation to signing on-chain payment transactions
  • multisig signer and member of Enzyme Technical Council

Exponent team:

  • member of Safe Guardians and a Safe DAO Delegate
  • an Aragon DAO experts member
  • data chops: we have a team of data engineer and data analyst to help the DAO make more data informed decisions

Skills and Contributions:

Below is what myself and the Exponent team can contribute as a member of Gro DAO

  • active assets and smart contract monitoring, including Treasury Multisig activities
  • ability to cross-check Safe transactions by validating byte codes prior to execution
  • portfolio management: Exponent is a team of ex-hedge fund and can provide input on portfolio construction.
  • facilitate and contribute to community discussions around DeFi risks assessment
  • facilitate capital deployment: Exponent has already deployed its own capital for yield generating savings account and assets diversification

Note on Risk pod contribution: my understanding is that the Risk pod is currently missing a facilitator, and further decisions around membership are blocked. That said, we still want to express interests in the role and happy to co-facilitate/ work closely with a facilitator candidate, especially given our previous proposal that has high value alignment with this org structure

For any further queries about myself or Exponent, please get in touch on Discord. Looking forward to see a successful deployment of Gro DAO :fire:

I would ask to be considered for the Risk Facilitator role. I have extensive risk based experience, both from 2 years of DeFiSafety and more from my time in aerospace. While not an auditor I have very good contacts within the space and a wealth of experience in preparation and interpreting the results. I am new to GRO but will learn quickly. I commit to make all decision impartially from DeFiSafety with Gro DAO’s best interests front and center.


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instead of keeping a budget for a treasury committee, I would suggest keeping a small yield-research task forces (3-4 person, on part-time basis); that produce weekly stablecoin report; plus a quarter treasury allocation proposal (with some risk-tier choices); that the DAO can vote upon.

The reasoning is because a committee is a pure decision making body and have little measurable work to track performance. It’s better to link the functions of treasury committee to a working group; and leverage the output of this yield reserch working group for the DAO to make decision on the use of treasury.

Use of treasury is also a highly sensitive job that has risk of corruption if held in the hands of 2-3 persons.

As a stablecoin yield farming protocol, having the budget to promote active member into a paying role is also helpful in community building and knowledge sharing on latest defi yield landscape.


@Organized_Chaos @exa256.eth @karcharodon - what do you guys think re: @chriswong’s suggestion to convert the treasury committee to a yield research taskforce that also make suggestions for treasury allocation (among other things)? Tagging you as you’ve expressed interest for the treasury committee above :slight_smile:

Thank you and @beckley for signalling your interest as People Pod Facilitator! As there are multiple interested candidates I’ll write up a separate post with a more detailed role description asking for more information from each of you. Stay tuned for more news this week!

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Thank you and @jaypow showing interest for emergency multi-sig! Still waiting for a few more people raising their hands – hoping to have a few more people for say 3-out-of-5 multi-sig. Will get a vote underway once we get there!

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Got it :+1: thank you so much

I completely agree, so I left an application for several positions, if we manage to combine it into one role, it will be cool.
The use of the treasury needs more people to reduce the risks

Linking to the Groda Product Pod proposal here for feedback:

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Linking to the Risk Pod Creation Proposal for feedback:


Please refer to this separate post for the call for application of People Pod Facilitator

cc- @kndlexi @beckley

I like the idea @chriswong, especially with the scope overlap. Note that treasury would bring in additional scope- particularly financial planning and reporting such as cashflow forecast, budgeting etc.

I think this will end up being a Finance and Markets team which would include: DeFi strategy research, assets and risks allocation, financial planning and reporting to the DAO. When you think about the working group- do you think it will still follow a committee structure? or more of a facilitator-led pod

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Here is my application for the Treasury Committee on behalf of myself (bernard) and the web3 Studios team (w3s).

Key goals for Treasury Committee:

  1. Define mandate for the Treasury Committee - to make an informed decision on the focus of Yield Hunting vs. Yield Research vs. other focus.
  2. Set up the Yield Strategy - to unlock economic opportunities for the treasury holdings.
  3. Support Asset Management and Risk - to fuel protocol growth and reduce exposure against adverse market conditions.
  4. Establish Financial Reporting Standards - to establish transparency for DAO members and act as decision-making support.
  5. Community Activity - to facilitate and contribute to community discussions around DeFi risks assessment


  • Prior working for McKinsey’s Digital Practice. Quit to go crypto full-time.
  • Part of web3 Studios (w3s) - a team of DeFi/TradFi contributors (ex-Blackstone, JP Morgan, DeFi) to support DAOs in strategic finance topics (M&A, Fundraising, Treasury Mgmt).
  • While I would hold the committee role, we would contribute as web3 Studios for some deliverables to maximize impact, e.g., working on the yield strategy or creating financial reports for the DAO.
  • Steering committee at McKinsey-DAO (global community of former McKinsey employees incl. several top web3 founders).

Key contribution areas:

  • Portfolio Construction: Working with a team of DeFi/TradFi contributors who will support in setting up a differentiated strategy for the Gro Treasury.
  • Risk Assessment: Set up a risk management framework to guide portfolio construction and provide transparency of current exposure for DAO.
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis: Create financial reports assessing key financial metrics for DAO members to understand, incl. cash flow statements, balance sheets, income statements, budgeting / forecast expenses
  • Community Activity: Facilitate and contribute to community discussions around DeFi risks assessment.


Below are some of my thoughts on topics I’d like to bring to the committee:

Overarching Goals for GRO’s Treasury Committee

Pre-requisite: 1. Treasury Mgmt System:
Design and implement an efficient and robust treasury management system. A fundamental part of this will be the question of what the Treasury Committee mandate should look like from a strategic perspective.

Supporting @chriswong suggestion to form a small yield-research task force / working group to enable outcome-driven work and performance tracking, rather than pure-decision making. And second @exa256.eth view on extend the scope of that group slightly. In our view, the Gro DAO could benefit from increased structure and transparency when it comes to its financial situation. I.e., we would include Financial Reporting and Risk Assessment as key areas for the group to work on.

Our ideal proposed set-up for this would be a 4-5 people team with one person filling the facilitator role. This person should wear two hats - understand the mechanics of the treasury task force in-depth and have the overview of what info is crucial for other DAO members to know at what time. Happy to discuss the ideal set-up in more depth.

2. Yield Strategy Research/ Treasury Unlock:
Unlocking the Gro Treasury to grow the protocol and its ecosystem. This includes researching and the development of different yield strategies. For this different DeFi products need to be continuously analyzed and communicated to the DAO in a comprehensive manner.

3. Asset Management and Risk
Allocating Treasury assets into selected yield strategies and managing these allocations. This includes the evaluation of liquidity needs for core business operations, as well as the continuous evaluation of risk exposure of managed assets.

4. Financial Analysis and Reporting:
Creating standards for financial reporting and delivering periodic financial reports. The reports will be transparently disclosed to the Gro DAO and give its members financial data that will support decision-making going forward. This is achieved by enabling the community, as well as external parties with interest in the Gro protocol to evaluate the following materials:

  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Budgeting / Forecasting Expenses

Super excited by the movement on this front, and happy to discuss this in more depth!


Putting up my hand to join the emergency multisig. As an initial contributor I’m very well acquainted with the yield and risk tranching protocol and its various parameters. I’m also readily accessible for emergencies.

Also happy to contribute to the people pod, whenever the people pod facilitator is elected and depending on how they want to assemble the pod.

thanks for showing interest in the discussion related to Treasury. @exa256.eth @Bernard @karcharodon @Organized_Chaos ; pls kindly join the Treasury channel for continued discussion/collaboration on the proposal towards a research/financial report/assetMang working group. feel free to dm me yr discord name if u cant find the channel - chriswong#1034


Welcome to the Gro DAO @Bernard; Great proposal! I think you bring up some great points such as clarifying the mandate and associated work streams - which has been a bit ambiguous so far. Sounds like you’re an experienced group with some interesting ideas.

Care to come into the Gro discord’s #treasury channel and discuss it synchronously? Keen to discuss how you think about team composition and balance between complexity of treasury operations and achievable objectives/deliverables, as well as sequence of priorities.

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Hi all, responded in Discord. And I agree, let’s move the discussion there :slight_smile:

@graadient, agree with what you state at the main points. Order of answers slightly adjusted.

The response posted here for transparency (for people not following the #treasury channel):


  1. Sequence of Priorities: Get Transparency → Set Objectives —> Perform Yield Research/Strategy —> Set up Risk Mgmt
  2. Team: Either (a) Facilitator-led working group (for more accountability) or (b) Self-led working group. Size 3-4 people overall.
  3. Complexity of Treasury Mgmt vs. Achievable Deliverables: Prioritize hard and set clear OKRs for agreed objectives
  4. Continuity: A compensation cliff could be a way to incentivize people not to drop out.

(1) Sequence of priorities

  1. Provide a clear level of transparency of financial situation + options
    —> Deliverable: One-off full status report for DAO (+after that: form core parts into a recurring report/dashboard)
  2. Decide on objectives of Treasury working group for next 3m/6m/12m
    —> Deliverable: Clear plan who does what + OKRs
  3. Perform yield research and execute strategy (core)
    —> Deliverable: View on treasury yield actions to take and execution
  4. Set up risk management
    —> Deliverable: Risk management framework to measure exposure continuously
  5. Others on-going: Community interaction; Facilitation of communication between pods/committees; etc.

(2) Team composition

In our view there would be two options:

(2a) Facilitator-led working group:

  • One facilitator with overarching responsibility for one core topic, steering, and „putting the pieces together“
  • A working team of 2-3 contributors, each with a different topic focus
  • We’d suggest to split core topics between contributors (each of the 3-4 topics is covered by 1 main lead, and 1 co-lead respectively; i.e., every contributor wears two hats (one lead, one co-lead hat for two different topics) vs. everyone does everything and discuss.

The risk of the committee being run without a facilitator is a lack of accountability and missing potential upsides of the function. I.e. while the minimum barrier will likely still be met (diversifying treasury), we would potentially forego the opportunity to create more out of this (e.g., yield research reports (I’m a fan of @ idea, if executable efficiently this can have great upside potential/secondary effects for Gro), new standards in financial reporting, coming up with creative ideas on how to use the treasury, fostering communication between pods and committees).

Not saying these topics couldn’t be realized otherwise, just that in terms of efficiency a person steering and holding people accountable could be a massive win (this obviously shouldn’t mean that person has more control or so than the others to prevent the risk of corruption. Does that go in the direction you had in mind as well? @chriswong).

Let’s discuss further. Also as it looks, @exa256.eth skillsets are quite complementary to ours (Smart contract/DeFi + TradFi and Reporting/DeFi). Happy to discuss what the optimal set-up would look like. Also obviously with everyone else who is interested in being part of this @karcharodon, @Organized_Chaos, but that just crossed my mind.

(2b) Self-led working group:

  • Working team of 3-4 contributors, each with different topic focus.
  • Same dynamics with lead, co-lead apply (see above)

This being said, there is no need to overload the function with a larger amount of people than this. For the case that we at some point realize this changes, we should bake in some flexibility for scaling up/down.

(3) Complexity of Treasury Ops vs. Achievable Deliverables

We agree this is probably the hardest nut to crack in the case of Gro DAO. With limited resources (vs. the larger strategic DAOs who „do it all“).

We’d suggest to approach this with a clear prioritization and sequencing of key objectives (see above) and the development of clear OKRs at the start of the working group cycle. These OKRs should be discussed in the wider forum, so we can jointly iterate on a deliverable proposal the working group creates and everyone knows what to expect.

To solve this topic the facilitator-led team set-up would be especially helpful, as the person would sense under-/overload of the group and could then propose changes accordingly.

(4) Continuity

As this group provides a crucial function to the DAO building its financial back layer so that operations can run smoothly, we need to ensure the continuity of the task force. What often happens and what we should avoid is that people leave the committee one by one. Therefore, I would introduce a cliff for compensation to incentivize and act as a selection filter for committed people/teams (tbd how to structure).


Ditto, happy to join the emergency msig - early contributor on yield and risk tranching and also available at most hours in case of emergency.