First topic! Twitter Spaces Idea

Hi all,

Homie here. Wanted to get a temperature check on the idea of bringing twitter spaces to Gro DAO to bring knowledge and more awareness to the continued improvements of the protocol. I’ve attached a super brief link here.

The link is a brief overview of some spaces topics and episode ideas.

What do you think?

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I am in support of hosting and/or being part of Twitter spaces/ podcasts! A great way to spread education on Gro DAO, Gro Protocol, and DAO’s in general.

Not sure if we need to discuss it on the Community Forum though, as its not something that needs to be voted on (as it already falls within the scope of the OGs and People Pod to set something like this up). But if DAO members prefer to discuss this topic here, rather than on Discord, then so be it! :slight_smile:

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