Contributor spend report: April to September 2022

Vote 12 approved a 150,000 USDC per month budget for contributors in the 6-month period of April to September 2022. This post reports the actual spend compared to the budget approved. The budget for the whole 6 month period was underspent by 327,832 USDC.

Budget approved

Please see details in the community forum post related to Vote 12 here.

Actual spend vs budget

Note: One contributor has not yet fully invoiced the DAO for their contribution. The figures contained here for the contributor is the amount known to be owed to the contributor at this stage rather than the amount already paid out.

Contributors included in this period include:

  • Grwth Lbs (4-5 people in engineering, design, operations, and recruitment)
  • 57 Blocks (2.3 engineers in middleware & backend)
  • Jimemart (front-end)
  • Wint3rmute (database)
  • Wojak (data & analytics)
  • Marvin (operations)
  • Sassun (product management, recently joined in mid-August)

The gap between actual spend and budget is primarily due to putting recruitment of new hires on hold as market conditions deteriorated.

Looking forward

Future contributor spend budget will be integrated to the budget of each pod and/or committee based on the decentralised organisation post rather than being listed separately. Each individual pod or committee will also report their own spend, including contributor compensation, regularly. Please refer to each individual pod’s creation proposal and vote for more details.